A virtually undiscovered natural bridge, located near Seroe Colorado, can be viewed from the clifftop or reached by a short hike down the cliffside. Park at the lot adjacent to the Seroe Colorado Lighthouse and follow any of the obvious unmarked trails to the edge of the cliff. Once you reach the cliff's edge, continue hiking in a northerly direction up the coast, glancing over the edge occasionally until you catch sight of the glorious natural bridge dubbed as the Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge.

Locating the trail that leads down to the natural bridge, which is quite spectacular by the way, can be a bit tedious until you find (with a little luck) just the right spot to descend. At this point, you have to climb down the rocks to reach the base of the approximately 27-feet tall by 60-feet wide span that towers over turbulent churning waves. If you do find, and you most likely will, the trail used by the majority of hikers, a rather well-worn path leading down to the crashing waves just follow it to the bridge and then return the same way.

National Park Arikok

This beautiful National Park in Aruba comprises almost 20% of the island. Enjoy gorgeous vistas of Aruba’s rugged terrain, desert-like hills filled with tall cacti, a breathtaking coastline, and protected local flora and fauna.

The National Park takes you on a memorable journey of the island's past offering unique geological, cultural, and historical sites.

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Artists from all over the world as well as the local talents participated in the Aruba Art Fair. They left their marks behind on the walls and buildings surrounding the Main Street of San Nicolas.

A morning seeing the street-art could happily be combined with lunch at the popular Charlie's Bar.  Experience the beautiful artwork for yourself, get inspired, or snap some selfies!

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Make a stop in San Nicolas and visit Charlie’s Bar, an island tradition since 1941, filled with fun and camaraderie.

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this famous bar in Aruba filled with decades of international memorabilia. 

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Aruba Aloe, founded in 1890, is one of the few Aloe companies in the world that grows, harvests, and processes its own Aloe on site. This Aloe, considered to be the finest Aloe in the world, is the base of an ever-growing collection of premium skin, hair, and sun care products. Pay a visit to the Aruba Aloe Museum, Factory, and Store in Hato for your own free tour, which highlights the history of Aloe cultivation on Aruba and unveils the entire manufacturing process, from the hand cutting of the aloe leaves to the packaging of the final products.

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Imagine walking through a lush tropical rain forest amidst flowers and trees, ponds, and a trickling waterfall with butterflies flying overhead and all around you in their own natural paradise. This is a dream come true at The Butterfly Farm in Aruba. Within a large meshed enclosure you can see hundreds of real exotic butterflies flying freely, a beautiful display of the most spectacular species from all over the world...

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Encounter about one hundred of Aruba's donkeys that have found a safe, new home at Bringamosa. The distinctive call of the donkey rings out in a welcome salute as visitors approach Aruba's Donkey Sanctuary. Warm muzzles close in to inspect new arrivals and to offer an additional greeting.
The Bringamosa-based sanctuary welcomes guests, offering information and tours of the grounds. 

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