Rodgers Beach (distance 1/2 mile )

Try the local flavor of a hidden gem amongst the best beaches in Aruba: Rodger’s Beach, offering clear swimming water.

Rodger’s Beach is a narrow powdery white strip close to famous Baby Beach, yet has a more authentic feel to it as fishermen anchor their colorful boats here, protected by the calm waters of the bay.

During the week Rodger’s Beach is very quiet and perfect to read a book or indulge in the crystal clear Caribbean; on weekends this Aruba beach is often populated by local families. If you want to stay away from the crowds you'll find on Palm Beach and Baby Beach, this is a great, quieter alternative.

Fun fact: Rodger's Beach was named after the British Captain Rodger, who opened Aruba's first oil refinery in San Nicolas, Aruba Lago Refinery in 1928. With captain Rodger at its helm, the refinery brought prosperity to Aruba. The refinery can be seen from Rodger's Beach.

Baby Beach (distance 0.8 mile)

Baby Beach is a tranquil 600-meter beach and cove in the southern Aruba area known as the Colony, formerly operated as a gated community for Lago Refinery executives and their families. Today, it has been converted into one of Aruba's most fabulous public beaches, surrounding a gorgeous natural lagoon showcasing pristine blue Caribbean waters.  

The shallow waters make it a prime beach destination for swimmers who like to wade out for a long distance and still touch the sea bottom. Where the bay opens out to the ocean, Baby Beach also offers the perfect location for snorkeling. Warm water conditions make the area excellent for beginner snorkelers, with opportunities to view marine life such as sea horses and baby squids and tropical fish such as butterflyfish, yellowtail grouper, and barracuda. For your safety please stay within the marked snorkel area.

There is a snack bar, restaurant, and cabana rental.

Bachelors Beach (distance 1.4 mile)

Bachelor's Beach, also known by locals as Boca Tabla, is located in the southeast of the island, next to Boca Grandi. It is a relatively small beach, the wind and waves are calmer than at several nearby beaches and the shoreline has plenty of room for a nice stroll. Most of the time you will be the only visitor.

Boca Grandi (distance 1.7 mile)

A kitesurfer's paradise!! 

Boca Grandi (means Big Mouth) is named after the wide, half-circle shape of this beach. It is located close to the big red anchor. This beach is visited a lot by locals as the constant onshore wind makes it a great kite surfing spot.

Steady trade winds and challenging waves make Boca Grandi a Caribbean beach paradise for advanced kite surfers and enthused spectators. This beach attracts the most advanced and adventurous kite surfers, locals, and visitors alike. Beachcombers have the time of their life here, discovering all kinds of driftwood, corals, and curiosa the ocean brings to shore.

There is a strong current, therefore it is not recommended for swimming but it is a nice stop to let the locals impress you while they are practicing their kite surfing moves!