The most incredible snorkeling is right here in front of the Aruba Beachfront Lux Cabin! Starting from your own beach, there is crystal clear blue water, warm temperatures, and the most amazing underwater world! You can see lots of different brightly colored, tropical fish, and on a good day, you may even spot a turtle.

Kayak through the waters of the beautiful San Nicolas Bay and observe the birds and marine species living in the Bay and on the San Nicolas Bay reef islands.  

These reef islands are unique within the Caribbean and most probably the world. Approximately 25% of the world’s population of Cayenne terns, over 90% of the Caribbean population of common terns, 25% of the Caribbean’s black noddy, 3% of the Caribbean’s brown noddy, >1% of the Caribbean’s bridled terns and 4% of the Caribbean’s laughing gull breed on these islands. We are unaware of any other location in the world that contains the diversity and abundance of terns observed in San Nicolas Bay. In 2008 BirdLife International has declared the Bay islands to be a globally important bird area (IBA).

San Nicolas Bay offers you the option to test your grit or simply enjoy the serenity of the ride.

While you explore the trails that consist of sandy, mainly flat and rocky roads, you are offered many opportunities to take some beautiful pictures of the surroundings, especially on the rough east coast of Aruba with its secluded beaches and coves (Bocas).

Beach tennis was introduced to Aruba in the year 2000, and the sport has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular beach activities in Aruba. Here at the Aruba Beachfront Lux Cabin, we have the paddles and space for you to play and have fun in the sun!

We supply you free of charge with the equipment needed for the above-mentioned activities.